Tuesday, April 7, 2009

worst day ever ?? TOTALLY !!!

7th April 2009 ugghh ~~ can these days get anymore worst then worst ?? HELLO ?? SHE's being more like a lil-miss-popularity, much ?? just like today, my friends and i were doing the art thingy and we were like so excited to do it because it's our first time making a 'batik' out of kitchen rolls, but what was the meaning of HER acting like as if she knows everything .. it's funny that a class of 42 student(incuding me) hates HER .. let me begin from the past 1 month .. somewhere in march, we got back our test papers.. what happened was that i got 2A's and SHE hardly even had one .. she keeps staring at me .. then, there's one fella in our class is a maths-freak .. whenever the teacher asks the maths-freak to answer, SHE'll be staring at maths-freak .. and what's worst is that we have this NIE project coming.. that SHE took away MY NEWSPAPER!! and now, my friends and i have only 1 set of the newspaper as there are 3 of us .. and yet, i bet that SHE purposely joined my group is because my ENGLISH is WAY~~ BETTER than HER .. ugghh ~~ that's like, so-totally lmao, much !! I HATE THAT DARN, FUCKING BITCH !! FUCK YOU !! ~*aly*~

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