Friday, May 30, 2014

last post for AE

30th May 2014

ahhh, finally it's the final week of me posting something on this blog. I might leave this blog "dead" again. Well, today was our MICE presentation and I must say, Mr Sahul is happy with my group =)

We have had worked on MICE project for weeks and the outcome met his expectations. There were a few mistakes, but I'm sure there will be rooms for improvement.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

late post >.<

25th May 2014

Okay, this is definitely a very late post. This week is just so busy!

Hmmm, now i remember that I'm supposed to blog about Warm Bodies xD

well, it's a story about this man, R, who's a corpse. He finds himself wondering about how will it ever be like to be able to feel human again and he eventually did. He met Julie and eventually fell in love. He killed Julie's boyfriend and spared hers, brought her back to where he stays for a few days and helped her back home.

oh wells, at least throughout the whole journey, R managed to become human again and lived happily ever after with Julie eventhough he doesn't remember anything about his past life as human.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

when a girl feels loved

17th May 2014

This week is rather busy. So many things to do and yet so little time. Projects still undone and it's just so frustrating at times when you can't get things done at the time you want.

However, what eases me off is when he comforts me with his random hugs =)

and yeah, i guess i have someone else in mind now even though i don't know if he feels the same towards me =/

till then, i have till graduation to know if he's serious with me

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

i'm getting this blog active again

6th May 2014

Dear Blog and Mr Nate :)

Hi, i'm back again!

Life has been going on pretty well and oh boy, i'm so sleepy now >.< 2 nights ago, i remember sleeping at around 1am and yesterday i slept at 12am O.o  now i understand why my mum never let me sleep at late hours and the reason is simple; i cannot get up the next morning for morning classes!

more on about today!

HS progress test just ended today and extra class is brought forwards to Friday >.<

ahhhh, i find this rather funny about posting my current life after 3 years of not posting.. it seems just like yesterday i was just complaining about SPM, school, band, tuition classes and dreaming on about  love :/

i still remember i was once an active band member and ended up as the president at Form 5.. i still remember being randomly active in tuition classes, especially in Biology and Physics.. not forgetting that i have always hated Bahasa Melayu =)

come to thing of it, i'm proud to be able to speak in Bahasa.. as proud as i am able to speak in Bahasa Melayu, i'm no longer proud as a Malaysian.. the politics happening are inhumane and very embarrassing..

die, i can't make it any further now.. i'm damn damn damn sleepy now, gotta stop right here and sleeping in early!

goodnight, world!

Monday, April 28, 2014

To my dear, dear AE mentor, Mr Nate

29th April 2014

Alright now.. it's been a very, very long time since I have last updated my blog, well, it's been 3 years over now.. 

i'm now using this blog for the next 5 weeks for YOU to read, Mr Nate =) 

however, it's a great thing, too that i am now reviving this blog of mine.. i remember using this blog to express my frustrations, anger, sadness and complaints.. well, that was when i was much younger.. i remember started blogging since 15 and all the way till i was 17.. 

i remember being deeply in love with the man of my dreams who i met in Friendster back in 2008, but it's now all history since February this year.. 

looking back at my previous posts, i see myself very immature and rather sensitive, more like a coward and hiding everything and yet looking for trouble..haha, i know understand why my mum would refer me as rather childish and never look at things the other way.. 

now that i am 20, many things have changed.. i have got a very different lifestyle, so different that no one remembers who and how i have been all thee while until yesterday.. everyone saw the photos that i have posted about me in a photoshoot, for portfolio purposes.. i remember i was once a nobody back in Ipoh, but now that i'm somewhat a somebody now, everyone looked at me at a different aspect.. they didint remember me or maybe i can put it in a way that no one even remembered that i existed.. i feel rather funny, now that i'm being refered as like one of those Miss Popular in Ipoh now.  

ahhh, i'm going in too deep now >.< 

more update next week now! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011


25th June 2011
hey, people~ i'm finally back for blogging AFTER such a BUSY day =.=l'l all these while, was supposingly to be preparing for sports day, but in the end, we have to go for this S.O.X thingy or whatever it is, in stadium indera mulia ^.^ and sports was postponed to 2nd of july.. we had a friendly drumline match and friendly music match with our brother school band, ACS MILITARY BAND XD.. it was fun eventhough we were tired like mad.. the boys aren't that bad.. their percussion is strong and so OHMMM..

the most surprising thing is that my darling came for me ~~ it was unexpected and i love it so much XD over  reacting, i know.. who cares?? ilovehim .. did i mention that we're already 14 months and 5 days old ?? tweeheehee~~ i love the way we are now and i don't want a single thing to change if that can be possible.. i love us just the way we are now.. the ChunYeng love story never ends~ anyway, like i said, it was unexpected and i was indeed very shocked as i eventually got tapped on my shoulder very hard and my heart was pumping very fast as i thought it was a stranger or someone trying to get me or something .. haha.. funny and lame, i know ..

oh, well.. enough of blogging for now .. many things had happened in the time between since the day i last blogged, but i am currently very exhausted and tired .. off to rest for me =p i'll blog some other time when i can ,,

p/s : i want the photo which we had snapped today ~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i'm superb LAZIE

16th March 2010
hey, people.. i'm back again.. it's the holidays and i'm so not freaking enjoying it nor making use of it.. i don't underdatnd myself-lahh.. SPM coming soon and i might have to admit that my OWN SPM is 5 months away =.= awkward, i know.. it'll only be the trials 5 months later.. WHO STNKINGLY CARES ?? i need those results to just get my freaking ass into ngee aun next year.. intake would be in april next year and the open house in on january 2012.. sighhhhhhhhhhh.. 2011 is not even over and i'm already planning for next year and yes, i know i'm freaking myself over with the collage and suff, but i want to do everything the best with my own effort..

nevermind, enough of that.. let me tell you what had happened to me recently.. on saturday, 12th of march, i accidently ate a piece of medium-sized beef by mistake.. i didn't do that on purpose as it was a malay wedding.. Dear Lord, please forgive me.. i mean it that i didn't do on purpose.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... oh well, it's just a small mistake, right ?? anyhow, another funny  thing happened to me which was just yesterday.. i was out having lunch and then saw a big group of leo club members.. thw moment i stepped out of kopitiam, alan thoo was looking at me and i was the FIRST one to be asked to trade the plastic bag with a  friendly environment bag as the leo-ians were on a project of 'go green' .. embarrassing enough, i know..

i wonder what's going to happen to me next ??
guess i'd have to sit and wait..

 frustrated and annoyed y