Monday, April 28, 2014

To my dear, dear AE mentor, Mr Nate

29th April 2014

Alright now.. it's been a very, very long time since I have last updated my blog, well, it's been 3 years over now.. 

i'm now using this blog for the next 5 weeks for YOU to read, Mr Nate =) 

however, it's a great thing, too that i am now reviving this blog of mine.. i remember using this blog to express my frustrations, anger, sadness and complaints.. well, that was when i was much younger.. i remember started blogging since 15 and all the way till i was 17.. 

i remember being deeply in love with the man of my dreams who i met in Friendster back in 2008, but it's now all history since February this year.. 

looking back at my previous posts, i see myself very immature and rather sensitive, more like a coward and hiding everything and yet looking for trouble..haha, i know understand why my mum would refer me as rather childish and never look at things the other way.. 

now that i am 20, many things have changed.. i have got a very different lifestyle, so different that no one remembers who and how i have been all thee while until yesterday.. everyone saw the photos that i have posted about me in a photoshoot, for portfolio purposes.. i remember i was once a nobody back in Ipoh, but now that i'm somewhat a somebody now, everyone looked at me at a different aspect.. they didint remember me or maybe i can put it in a way that no one even remembered that i existed.. i feel rather funny, now that i'm being refered as like one of those Miss Popular in Ipoh now.  

ahhh, i'm going in too deep now >.< 

more update next week now! 

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