Saturday, June 25, 2011


25th June 2011
hey, people~ i'm finally back for blogging AFTER such a BUSY day =.=l'l all these while, was supposingly to be preparing for sports day, but in the end, we have to go for this S.O.X thingy or whatever it is, in stadium indera mulia ^.^ and sports was postponed to 2nd of july.. we had a friendly drumline match and friendly music match with our brother school band, ACS MILITARY BAND XD.. it was fun eventhough we were tired like mad.. the boys aren't that bad.. their percussion is strong and so OHMMM..

the most surprising thing is that my darling came for me ~~ it was unexpected and i love it so much XD over  reacting, i know.. who cares?? ilovehim .. did i mention that we're already 14 months and 5 days old ?? tweeheehee~~ i love the way we are now and i don't want a single thing to change if that can be possible.. i love us just the way we are now.. the ChunYeng love story never ends~ anyway, like i said, it was unexpected and i was indeed very shocked as i eventually got tapped on my shoulder very hard and my heart was pumping very fast as i thought it was a stranger or someone trying to get me or something .. haha.. funny and lame, i know ..

oh, well.. enough of blogging for now .. many things had happened in the time between since the day i last blogged, but i am currently very exhausted and tired .. off to rest for me =p i'll blog some other time when i can ,,

p/s : i want the photo which we had snapped today ~

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