Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i'm superb LAZIE

16th March 2010
hey, people.. i'm back again.. it's the holidays and i'm so not freaking enjoying it nor making use of it.. i don't underdatnd myself-lahh.. SPM coming soon and i might have to admit that my OWN SPM is 5 months away =.= awkward, i know.. it'll only be the trials 5 months later.. WHO STNKINGLY CARES ?? i need those results to just get my freaking ass into ngee aun next year.. intake would be in april next year and the open house in on january 2012.. sighhhhhhhhhhh.. 2011 is not even over and i'm already planning for next year and yes, i know i'm freaking myself over with the collage and suff, but i want to do everything the best with my own effort..

nevermind, enough of that.. let me tell you what had happened to me recently.. on saturday, 12th of march, i accidently ate a piece of medium-sized beef by mistake.. i didn't do that on purpose as it was a malay wedding.. Dear Lord, please forgive me.. i mean it that i didn't do on purpose.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... oh well, it's just a small mistake, right ?? anyhow, another funny  thing happened to me which was just yesterday.. i was out having lunch and then saw a big group of leo club members.. thw moment i stepped out of kopitiam, alan thoo was looking at me and i was the FIRST one to be asked to trade the plastic bag with a  friendly environment bag as the leo-ians were on a project of 'go green' .. embarrassing enough, i know..

i wonder what's going to happen to me next ??
guess i'd have to sit and wait..

 frustrated and annoyed y

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