Tuesday, May 6, 2014

i'm getting this blog active again

6th May 2014

Dear Blog and Mr Nate :)

Hi, i'm back again!

Life has been going on pretty well and oh boy, i'm so sleepy now >.< 2 nights ago, i remember sleeping at around 1am and yesterday i slept at 12am O.o  now i understand why my mum never let me sleep at late hours and the reason is simple; i cannot get up the next morning for morning classes!

more on about today!

HS progress test just ended today and extra class is brought forwards to Friday >.<

ahhhh, i find this rather funny about posting my current life after 3 years of not posting.. it seems just like yesterday i was just complaining about SPM, school, band, tuition classes and dreaming on about  love :/

i still remember i was once an active band member and ended up as the president at Form 5.. i still remember being randomly active in tuition classes, especially in Biology and Physics.. not forgetting that i have always hated Bahasa Melayu =)

come to thing of it, i'm proud to be able to speak in Bahasa.. as proud as i am able to speak in Bahasa Melayu, i'm no longer proud as a Malaysian.. the politics happening are inhumane and very embarrassing..

die, i can't make it any further now.. i'm damn damn damn sleepy now, gotta stop right here and sleeping in early!

goodnight, world!

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