Thursday, December 24, 2009

the moment

24th December 2009 waking up at 9am wasn't a good time .. i realised that i might be late to school .. i reached for my phone and there was an sms : still got 1 hour left..i wish you good luck!! Dun be nervous!! it eventually set goose bumps onto my spine .. without wasting much time, i straight went to the bathroom and got myself ready .. i got down 20 minutes later .. i was already feeling unwell .. there were butterflies in my stomach .. i couldn't breathe properly .. i only had a piece of biscuit for breakfast .. while eating, i felt myself shaking .. i couldn't get myself to swallow what i bit .. i felt like throwing up .. after eating, i straight went for the car .. i didn't talk to my mum as her words were still spinning in my head : not matter if you fail or pass, i don't want to know .. every year's the same .. when it come to result's day, i've never been in a good mood .. this time i mean it .. don't let me know whatever you got .. the butterflies in my stomach were stronger .. i can seriously throw up at any time .. at the same time, i got another text message : 36 mins left .. Good luck !! after a while, i realised i was really shaking .. my breathing was unstable .. soon, i arrived school .. i went to the library to meet up with melz and chitchat for cool down ( well, sorta ) .. i was there for 15 - 20 minutes, i supposed (??) not sure .. did alot of crapping there .. after that, i went down to meet my gang .. we all stood at the main gate .. all of us were seriously nervous .. however, we heard some people screaming in the upper hall .. suet kuan and i were just too anxious .. just too EAGER, i'll say .. we ran as fast as we could, leaving the others behind .. this time i really didn't breathe .. no air going in or out .. i seriously wasn't breathing .. my stomach was trembling HARD .. VERY HARD .. i nearly fainted as in like - seriously .. i couldn't stand .. after the speech given by mrs. lee, we all searched for our respective classes .. i searched for 3 pitta clumsily .. i found cheah in the middle of the hall and headed straight towards her .. i signed and got my slip .. i folded that paper .. i was about to cry .. i nearly blacked out .. i wasn't standing still as i was dizzy .. again my tummy wasn't well .. it was trembling HARD .. extremely hard .. and again i really wasn't breathing any air .. i stayed frozen at one section .. soon, suet kuan's mum approached me .. i still didn't dare to unfold that piece of paper .. auntie asked me how were my results .. i replied with a crooked smile and said " i don't dare to even peep on my paper" .. auntie snatched my paper and carefully studied my results .. before even 1 minute passed, she announced loudly to me .. 3A's .. ... ... ... ... .. did i hear wrong ?? 3A's ?? are you serious ?? without thinking much, i snatched back my slip .. i studied carefully .. english + maths + science = A .. what the heck ?? i got A ???!!! i got A's for english, MATHS & SCIENCE ???!!! YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING ME !! i screamed out of joy !! tears of joy came too .. i hugged eveyone i met .. it was too good to be true !! my worries are finally OVER !!!!!!!
before i end, i would like to thank someone who has tought me for all this while .. you know who you are .. thank you for teaching whatever i don't und, though i have been blur .. again, thank you for everthing .. you're the best =p
lots of love,
-aly loh-

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