Monday, December 14, 2009

i'm back and i'm alive !!

14th December 2009 okay, people .. i know i've left my blog dead for MORE than a month .. i miss blogging too, though .. however, i just dunno what to blog .. after so long, here are my current updates for now .. just last monday, i went to singapore .. it was another disasterous holiday as i didn't get any good night sleep .. besides that, i've got a very, very upset flu .. that's one of the reason why i can't sleep .. MY MUCOUS WERE 'DROOLING' !! in the end, i only got 4 hours of sleep .. everyday's like that .. the worst part was that i've burnt my wrist while eating this korean dish called bibimbap .. i was thinking about something and then just like that .. a long and narrow black mark was there on the next day .. it's so hard to hide my hand .. mum and sis didn't know i burnt my wrist .. if i were to have told them, they might give a good GOOD nag about it .. i'd rather keep it away from them .. newayz, not only my wrist got hurt, though .. never again i'll EVER ride T-A-X-I-S !!!!!!! i hate them SO UBBERLY MUCH !! i mean this seriously .. on the day when mum and i took the cab from cck to beach road, golden mile .. i NEARLY B-A-R-F and not to forget that i almost RAN OUT OF OXYGEN !! I SERIOUSLY UBBERLY HATE CABS/TAXIS !! i don't care whether the cab is a mercedes or a hyundai .. they stink and they're lousy .. i'm not trying to ne offensive here, but i have had this phobia since i was 7 .. can't blame me .. *blerk* still .. going to singapore wasn't a good idea, though .. from jurong point, i took a bus back to cck .. i ended up standing in a crowded bus with seats fully taken including my mum and my sis .. i stood there with heavy goods at the corner of the standing corner .. i was like - i shouldn't have gone out .. i coulnd't stand it, really .. it was like hell .. i'm now glad that i'm back in malaysia although it's always boring and gloomy .. somehow i glad that i'm a malaysian, though .. oh well, life is fair

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