Tuesday, November 24, 2009

crapping post

24th November 2009 woot~~ for so long in my entire life, i've never thought that i'd leave my blog D-E-A-D.. it's been a while since i've last blogged and updating all the stuff .. up till today, i seriously have NOTHING to blog !! ever since PMR ended, we did nothing in school (but of course the school had organized some ... pathetic programmes ??) i don't know .. they don't seem to be beneficial nor fun and exciting at all .. there were times when we watched movies in school, however, i ended up sleeping in the hall .. hey, i'm not the only one sleeping .. at least the way i slept was not obvious .. there were other humans who made themselves more comfortable on the floor .. i only did that once =p .. ...and i seriously have nothing, NOTHING to say .. i don't even know WHAT i should talk about .. school holidays had just begun .. today's the 2nd day of holz and i'm already BORED .. i got sooo fed up that i got myself an ASSPEEAM history refrence book and starting doing revision for next year's work .. can't believe that i'm so pathetic, myself .. from jan to oct, i refuse to study .. now from nov, i'm already studying .. how stupid=.=l'l .. *sigh* i feel so lonely now .. GAH ~~ i'm lonely, i'm bored and i just seriously don't know what to do !! sticking my ass in the house is absolutely NOT BENEFICIAL at all .. however, i'm never allowed to hang out that often .. i'm only allowed ... maybe once or twice a week ?? GAH .. I DON'T KNOW .. what i know now is that i'm crapping and facing the pc screen like a mad woman, all alone with nobody to talk to or to have fun with .. .......and i'm now wondering what will happen when i'm in singapore, which is coming soon, though .. i bet i'll be doing the same thing all over again .. anywhere i go is still the same .. i'm always the loner .. and seriously .. i feel like crying already .. GAH ~~!!! if only i can really have something better to do in this world ..

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