Sunday, November 1, 2009

weekend days

1st November 2009 woot ~~ it has been quite a while i've updated my daily routines .. okay .. i'll start from yesterday .. so, the MGS MILITARY BAND got not just 1 sir .. it turned out to be 4, well, 3 men and 1 lady, actually .. they DO talk alot, i guess .. however, we were being taught from the basics AGAIN .. it was quite a boring morning .. we didn't play anything at all except learning how to breathe, learning how to buzz , etc etc .. it was eventually easy for me .. i have been applying all whatever they taught since the day i started playing the eupho .. that explains why i have been able to play high notes and long tunes on my eupho .. LOL .. so, in the end, i was eventually the one to teach the others to breathe the proper way and also buzzing and .... MORE ... i don't really remember, though .. i taught most of the juniors and ended up doing nothing else next .. that's all about the band for now .. so, after the practise, went back home to bathe and had lunch AND went to ILTI .. and i've totally forgotten that there was an exam .. =.=swt ~~ still, i did well on my essay .. i'm very scared about my comprehension and listening, though .. i've never score well for that AND MING SUEN WAS NOT THERE FOR ME !! this is so sad .. we usually 'berpakat' to exchange answer within ourselves .. I MISS HIM .. GAH ~~ yet, poor richard, though .. the gossip girls' gang were making so much noise that it disturbed him from trying to answer the questions ..
then today came .. SUNDAY, eh ?? went to jusco today .. sad to say that i'm really not a good chess player .. someone check-mated me in just 4 steps in less than 1 minute .. =.=l'l ... second thing, sad to say that someone eats faster than me and lastly, someone found out that i'm scared of getting poked at the side of my hips .. ... ... ...and yet i owe that someone 7 TIMES of being poked !! so sad-lahh.. I'M BEING SUFFOCATED AND TORTURED !! i wanna cry ~~ i want my mummie~~ !!
-aly loh-


  1. eh, u arr......mentally bullying me leh....

  2. i'm being bullied secara physical, k ??