Wednesday, October 28, 2009


28th October 2009 until when i can only hear from you? i always wanted to stay .. Dun make me leave you .. K? who the hell do you think you are?? what do you want to do with me ?? kill me ?? hit me ?? FINE .. i don't care whatever you're gonna do to me .. i don't feel like living anymore .. go ahead and gossip all you want to the others in your school .. i'm also giving you the permission to even gossip at any school you wish .. i don't care if you mention me as a f**king bitch to the whole world .. you may leave me if you wish .. i've told you so many uncountable times .. LEAVE ME IF YOU'RE FED UP.. However, you've never listened .. it's not my fault that this situaton became like this .. i've no more trust in you .. besides, your bloody mother HATES ME .. or more like UBBERLY HATING ME LIKE A USELESS DEVIL who thinks that THE GIRL seduces the SON .. i can't stand this anymore .. i'm too tired of all these RUBBISH ..
shut your ass up..
..and don't make me go EMO again..

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