Sunday, October 18, 2009


18th September 2009 i had a so-called mini rush hour .. i had no idea that my parents were taking me to make contact lenses .. because of that, i got myself 1 hour and 30 minutes LATE to jusco !! it was a good thing that when i reached there, i was 20 minutes early for the movie .. HAHA .. the movie-of-the-day for today is WHERE GOT GHOST .. heezz .. it's somehow a comedy ghost movie yet, i was still a 'lil frighthen, though .. the movie was eventually divided into 3 series .. the 2nd one really got me on my nerves .. there was like one part when i really got so scared that i sat so low and i ended up hugging my bag and covering it over my head .. the FELLA beside me was, yet, interested with that part and kept requesting me to finish up his popcorn .. and yet, he kept waving his hand infront of me so i wouldn't get scared (?) i don't know.. that part creeps me out .. i didn't even make a peep .. i waited till the horror part was over as i really nearly screamed my ass OUT .. i did scream at one part, slightly .. i forgot about the scene as most of the part is really scary, however, there're also moral values for us to learn .. the last series really thought people as lesson which is telling us that we must value our life, health and peace .. besides the scary part, i, too, laughed my ass OUT .. seriously HILARIOUS .. yet, the fella beside me laughed MORE crazy-ly than me .. HAHA ..
-aly loh-


  1. who's the FELLA leh hor?? haha..

  2. neh neh neh ..
    the one who sent a comment to me one arr ..