Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my LAST post of the day

6th September 2009 GAH ~ i have less than 24 hours to face this war.. PMR, BABE !! it's tomorrow !! sigh .. i would like to wish all of my friends GAMBATEH !! tomorrow, i have 2 papers .. both are bahasa malaysia .. hmmm .. i still don't know what to do about my KOMSAS !! not just only komsas, but the whole paper of the 2nd paper .. 7th september - BM 1 BM2 8th september -ENGLISH 1 ENGLISH2 SCIENCE1 SCIENCE2 9th september- GEOGRAPHY -saturday&sunday- 12th september- MATHEMATICS1 MATHEMATICS2 HISTORY 13th september - KEMAHIRAN HIDUP ..AFTER THAT.. ...i'll be free as a bird in the sky !! GAH, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 13TH TO COME !! ..and someone promised me hamsters !! haha .. then makan-makan, but someone wants to eat the hamsters instead .. LOL .. i might wanna get myself fully protected for mentioning this in here, just in case .. heehee .. newayz people, wish me luck to pass everything !! peace out and i'm gonna abandon my blog for 1 week from tomorrow .. i will be back on the 13h, people !!
-aly loh-

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