Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dreaming away

the sound of your flute remains in my heart
the way you played your flute had taken my breath away
when you first played it infront of me..
.. i fell in love
i've never heard something so beautiful,
yet touching too
the song which you played the other day..
..is still in me
i shall never forget this..
.. and i shall never forget YOU..
i miss you, thomas
i know i sound ridiculous, but i seriously mean this, people .. i really missed him .. GAH .. how i wish it's already the long-term holidays already .. i don't seem to know why i would suddenly miss him so badly .. i've to wait until next year, though .. *sigh* this is so sad .. how i wish i can have a time machine .. i wanna travel back in time and listen to him .. the good times we had together .. i miss all of 'em ..
today is tuesday and it's the 2nd day of school after the raya's holidays .. what exactly happened to me today is that i was nearly late to school .. well, not to exactly say that i was late, but i woke up 30 minutes later than the usual time .. so, i went to school quite late, maybe .. well, not really that sure, though .. i reached school 10 minutes later which was about 6.45, maybe ?? lol .. it was a fun rush hour .. newayz, i'll keep this short .. not in a mood to blog .. i'm in too much mood to study, study and STUDY !! pmr is just around the corner, people !! i'd better wake up from wonderland and do my 11th-hour of studying !!
-aly loh-

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