Saturday, September 12, 2009


12th September 2009 today, i was the only form 3 member to show up .. swt, right ?? i swear i'll kill andrea on monday .. LOL .. so, i went to schhol for practises and i must say that i can play 'time to say goodbye', but there's something i wanna know though .. do i really play that smooth and so natural and and so ..... what do you call that ?? EASY .. especially when i play high notes with my eupho.. i seem to be receiving such comments from the juniors .. do i really look very calm when i play the eupho ?? i've no ideas at all .. whenever i lay the eupho, i feel like i'm in my fantasy world of music .. i get rid of my sorrows easily when i play my dear baby .. I LOVE MY EUPHO .. then in ILTI today, i was rather quiet today .. SO SORRY RICHARD !! i didn't seem to have talked to him today .. at recess, i went over to zheng liang's place .. he brought his guitar today to teach my friend to play 'when you're gone' .. we chat for a while and i gave him something to pass to SOMEONE .. so, nothing much happened today in ILTI, but something eventually happened in the morning before doing to school .. i was supposingly to have breakfast with my parents .. so, we went to a restaurant quite nearby to my school .. and what happened was that i saw HIM .. ... ... .. coincedence-ly .. ... ... ... he just sat infront of me, but his back was facing me.. he came with his parents, his grandfather and also Ryan .. i was trembling when i saw him getting out of his car .. i pretended that i didn't see him .. I HAD TO .. then when i reached school , my hands were cold and was still trembling .. when i got home after practise, tears started to show up .. while bathing, i broke down .. i cried out and alot of tears dropped .. i seriously don't know why .. LIFE IS ALWAYS COMPLICATED
-aly loh-

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