Friday, September 4, 2009

friday night

4th September 2009 well, it's a friday night and i just simply don't know what to do .. i find myself very lonely now .. no one called me nor sms-ed me .. this is stupid .. GGGAAAAAHHHHHHHH !! in addition, nowadays, i don't know why i scold almost anyone, anything or what-so-ever - STUPID .. okay, i'm being ridiculous here, but what the hell is up with me, though ?? something's definately wrong with me this month .. i guess this is what you call stress, i think .. fine, i don't know, but i'm worried about my PMR examination .. 3 more weeks to go .. how i just siimply wish that PMR is tomorrow !! i'm like - stressing almost everything .. i still find myself very moody nowadays and i must admit that i'm obviously CRAPPING now .. i bet some of you guys out there don't get what i'm saying .. i'll forgive you for that .. LOL .. still, there's gonna be a practice tomorrow at 8 .. well, another busy saturday is gonna be held soon AGAIN, i guess .. who cares .. i used to have a busy schedule .. anyway, it's almost my bed time now .. gotta sleep, ppl !!
-aly loh-

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