Thursday, September 17, 2009

another holiday "season"

17th September 2009 i feel like killing someone now .. seriously .. i'm like - damn angry NOW .. what the hell does that fella thinks 'it' is .. GOSH ~ this is just stupid and yet, another new season of holidays AGAIN .. ok, this is dumb .. september is full of holidays and yet, PMR is just SOOO near !! GAH !! screw the holidays !! screw the teachers !! screw eveyone !! GAH !! i'm like - so FRUSTRATED !! ... no comments for that now ... neways, my sister came back yesterday .. mum and i fetched her at the airport .. ... ... ... i must say .. konnonya that fireflyz plane is just so small .. LOL .. i like it's colours though .. it's bright orange and white .. well, got some new stuff, i guess .. i just don't know !! GAH !! somehow i don't feel like me and i just simply don't know why !! i'm too frustrated now and it's all thanks to that IDIOTIC fella .. ... ... ... i just so wanna grab that fella's neck and stranggle 'it' to death .. i'm trying to refer that fella as an 'it' 'cause i don't wanna reveal the person here .. still, holidays are starting tomorrow .. and i swear i'll be D-E-A-D, ppl .. going to jusco tomorrow and i don't like it !! i'm praying hard that tomorrow i will meet someone there and then just RUN OFF with that fella or who-so-ever i'll be meeting .. ZHENG LIANG !! somehow i'm missing you already, though .. i'm gonna pray hard that i can see you tomorow in jusco .. you'd better get me some sweets this saturday's class .. LOL .. RICHARD!! my mood is a 'lil better for this week .. i swear i'll talk to you this week .. and yet, somehow i'm missing my grandfather of the day, MING HAN and his brother, MING SUEN .. it's been a while since i've last seen them .. did they stop classes or what ?? ...maybe, i don't know .. I MISS MY GANG OF BOYS IN ILTI !!
-aly loh-

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