Saturday, September 19, 2009


19th September 2009 woot ~~ i had dinner not long ago .. we were all having fried rice, but i eventually turned that fried rice into fried KIMCHI rice .. my sis brought back a so-called bottle of kimchi and i went crazy when i saw it .. today, i couldn't stand it anymore .. off to the refridgerator and took out the kimchi .. i ate like a piggy .. now my stomach is full of kimchi .. ah ~~ I LOVE KIMCHI ~ !! lol .. newayz, today was another so-called shopping day .. i went to parade with mum and sis .. as i went to the popular bookstore, met jascinta there .. fuiyoh .. wearing mini-skirt .. lol .. it's normal-lahh ~~ haha .. my sis and i were browsing for new novels and books to indulge with .. sad to say that i can only buy the books in Singapore .. not many books in Malaysia .. GAH ~~ have to wait 'till DECEMBER !! ... ... ... it might be ok, i guess .. i still have PMR to handle .. i'll indulge myself later on, maybe .. who knows ?? i haven't finish reading eclipse and breaking down and yet, i'm planning to re-read twilight and new moon .. this is so dumb of me .. LOL .. oh yeah, my sis bought me 3 stuff i just seriously,UBBERLY LOVE.. 2 necklacesof death note and also the 2nd part of the death note series .. YAY !! I LOVE YOU SIS !! lol .. then today in ILTI, zheng liang was absent .. -no sweet of the day- .. so sad .. at least i still have richard today .. i chat with him the whole day .. lol .. i have been ignoring MR.PHANG too much .. i barely listen to what he says today .. it's a good thing that i still study today .. learned alot of things, though .. of all people in the class today, richard, hong kit, leong, jeu, lai and i are the most quite one .. I'M SO PROUD ~~ !!
-happy aly loh-

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