Tuesday, September 1, 2009

september is here

1st September 2009 school's finally open .. i'm very sorry to tell this, but i'm just simply still moody and i don't know why .. *sigh* i've been moody for quite a while .. WHAT IS IT THAT I WANT ?!! i'm not wishing for anything at all, though .. this is so sad .. i didn't crave for anything .. i didn't wish for anything and i just simply DIDN'T WANT ANYTHING !! WHAT IS IT THAT I'M LACK OF ?!! uurrrrggggghhhhh .. this is just simply frustrating me .. what the hell is wrong with me for the whole week or 2, maybe ?? OK, this shucks ... ... ... ALOT .. guess i'll be moody for the whole month .. well, i'm not exactly sure about this, though .. ... ... .. nevermind =) .. i'll listen to 'by loch and mountain' .. that'll cheer me up at least for a while .. you guys should really hear this song, though .. i'm in love with this song, literally and thanks to YOU, i can't live without this song .. not just because that the beginning is the eupho solo, but the song really rulez to the max .. literally, i just LOVE the eupho solo at the begginning .. how i wish i can play that part !!
-aly loh-

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