Monday, August 31, 2009

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31st August 2009
okay, i admit i'm a 'lil spirited with the country's so-called birthday .. lol .. so, anyway, went out with mum and dadddy today .. so, while suffering from period pain, i was suddenly surprised by my foster sis, suet kuan .. we went walking for a while for a while to hangout as we didn't contact each other for this whole week as holidays haven't ended .. it's a good thing that school's gonna reopen tomorrow !! i've been missing school since last week as in like - after dissmissal on the last day of school ?? okay, i know i'm being weird again, but i really love school so much ..
oh yeah, i've forgotten to mention that suet kuan and i were eventually "LUCKY" enough to have "COINCEDENCELY" met our dear, petty "ANGEL" .. she was eventually running away from us when her eyes met us together .. both of us were like - "she's such a loser, much" .. the "ANGEL" was with a lion-headed fellow .. *sigh* i pity the lion-headed fellow ..
oh, who cares ?? she's just too petty, i guess .. still, newayz, my mood isn't back yet, though and i just simply don't know WHY .. this is such a sad thing .. i've never lost my mood just as simple as blinking an eye .. hmmm .. i guess i'll get back my mood tomorrow when i meet back my friends again .. i seriously miss them like hell ..
-aly loh-

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