Friday, August 14, 2009


14th August 2009 woah ~~ it's been almost a week since i've last blogged .. can't believe that i'm still alive, though and i can't believe that i've actually studied History and Geography for like - ONCE !! aikzz .. sad case, but i have confidence that i'll at least pass everything !! except seni 'cause i wanna suffocate rohana.. i'll prove to you guys when i get my results .. HAH .. ... still, i'm happy that the exam fever is finally over .. and now i'm wondering how am i gonna survive for SPM trials ......... ... ... ... it's gonna be like - 1 month .. no comments .. FORGET ABOUT IT !! i still have PMR to be done !! don't think too much, aly !! anywayz, i was somehow happy with thursday's papers .. somehow i find myself anwering EVERYTHING during maths papers .. i was like so surprised .. when i got home, i found myself laughing and behaving a mad fella .. so, today was the last day and everyone was happy, obviously.. went to tuition today i received a present from my beloved teacher .. she's just do sweet !! she gave me a cute pillow and a card .. lol .. i love her so much .. can't believe she gave me so early because she can eventually give it to me on monday .. lol .. her birthday is on the 18th, though .. lol .. i'll be giving her gift on monday .. heehee .. hope she'll like it .. it's just a simple card, though .. after coming back from tuition, that's when my mood starts to change tremondously.. dad scolded me because he thought i was playing with my phone .. i was about to switch on my phone and then he started .. mum wasn't feeling well .. i know that i'm supposed to help with the table and dishes, but is it wrong to just switch on my phone ?!! it was already 7 o' clock, though.. if i was playing with it, dad can blame me because i'll be wasting the battery and also supposingly to help mum, but NO .. he just simply blurted out like that .. i was already darn-flaming angry when he had forgotten my birthday, but i thought maybe i can just let it go 'cause he could've been busy .. unfortunetly, he released everything on me .. i cried before i can even eat .. when everything was about to calm down, again he blurted everything on me .. again i cried .. my heart was already broken when he had forgotten my birthday and now he's blurting everything on me .. mum didn't EVEN say anything and he scolded me like anything .. it seems that he was free when mum was getting the dishes ready .. why can't dad just help mum ?!! i was already holding a helmet with me and what can i do ??!!!! I HATE MY DAD ..
-sad aly-

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