Saturday, August 22, 2009

another saturday class

22nd August 2009
 nothing much to say, though .. i'm not actually in the mood .. still, i had fun with the guys today in tuition .. ming han finally wears a mask today to avoid spreading his coughing germs .. ming syuen got sick too .. he had fever and flu .. poor fella .. he sat so far away from me today .. i didn't get used to it, though .. still ... ... ... ming han finished up my phone's battery !! such a sad case, but he got nice records in some of my games .. lol ..
TQ, MING HAN aka ye ye .. newayz, zheng liang was absent today .. kinda missed him, though .. no sweets for today .. *cries* k-lahh .. today no mood edi .. guess i'll stop here till my mood comes back ..
-confused aly-

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