Friday, August 7, 2009

i'm gonna miss HER

7th August 2009 *sigh* i came down with flu this morning and don't worry 'cause it's seriously NOT H1N1 .. anyway, when i was about to go to the school cafeteria, she approached me .. ... ... ... with her inner suit and also some eupho scores .. sadly to say that somehow i feel like i wanna cry .. look, people .. i seriously don't know why and i know that she's also human and just a senior .. some of you guys think .. - "eh, loh yeng .. why-lahh you wanna cry just because of somebody who always find trouble and sometimes simply scold you?" "eh, loh yeng .. no need to cry-lahh .. you know arr .. you should be glad-lahh .. you finally can become the senior-mahh" "eh, loh yeng .. you cry oso no use lerr .. i see her face macam LC saje-saje oni .. if i'm her junior arr, you have no idea that how HAPPY am i" - you guys are the ones with no brains at all .. - ever since i was a small, tiny- weenie 'lil junior back in secondary 1, i've always had a good impression on her .. though i wasn't her REAL junior yet back then, i'd fine her a very good senior .. i can still remember the way she thought us marching, though .. it has always been an entertaiment .. then just back last year in secondary 2, i managed to changed from a trombonist to a euphist .. back then, i wasn't really a very good junior to her, if i've not mistaken .. we weren't really that close 'cause .. .. .. i don't know why, though .. NEVERMIND, FORGET ABOUT LAST YEAR .. then this year came .. somehow i get to be so close with her .. pranks and jokes came out from our crazy minds .. i realized that she's really the senior who any junior would've always wish for .. we had fun and have been acting crazy whenever we feel like.. (and i still remember the way we had danced the other day .. lol ..) i felt so proud .. BUT .. now it's really sad to say that i'm seriously gonna miss her and i don't know why.. NO MORE FUN SENIORS FOR ME ?? or izzit because of the bond we made this year ?? well, i would have to say that i'd have to lose both of these items .. this can really consider as great, BIG lost to me, though .. how i wish i'm back in secondary 1 !! - now you guys OUT THERE know why i'm really gonna miss her ??!! gossip whatever you guys want .. i'd call YOU J-E-A-L-O-U-S !! that's right, JEALOUS !! jealous all you want 'cause i won't even bother you at all .. *BLERKZZ*

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