Sunday, August 16, 2009

a typical sunday

16th August 2009 lol .. i had a great day, today, though it's not even night yet .. my clock here shows that now is 4.01 pm .. it's rare to find me online-ing in the afternoon .. hehe .. that's because later i've to go out for dinner .. newayz, mum and dad treated me pizza today and i'm just darn satisfied !! i almost ate my stomach out .. i'm still very full now .. i guess all the stuff inside my tummy aren't digested yet .. something's wrong with my enzyme, i guess .. lol .. heck with it .. i'm happy to be full up until now .. hehehe .. so happie ~~ there's something i've gotta say, though .. i find that nowadays, i'm getting crazier and crazier and i just simply don't know why .. something is definately wrong with me and i guess i haven't found out the clue yet .. ever since yesterday, i've been acting so childish with the guys yesterday and that's the first time i've ever done that in my life .. i find it fun, though .. heehee .. LIFE'S GOOD WHEN YOU'RE HAPPY ..
-crazy aly-

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