Sunday, August 2, 2009

another day in ILTI

2nd August 2009 *phew* another day is gonna end and i just must say that CAE's sunday class in more fun than the saturday class .. at least it's better than going to MR. CHIANG'S class last year's replacement class on sunday too, though .. that was in FCE .. this year i'm in CAE .. aikzz .. i wonder how am i gonna suffer with MR. PHANG again next year !! this is such a sad case ... WAIT .. ... ... .. i did suffered a 'lil today in class .. i did another pretest AGAIN, for goodness' sake !! i've just done it yesterday and i'm re-doing it again, though it's the topic which ming syuen just suffered with just yesterday .. at least it wasn't as hard as yesterday's paper .. i got to know 2 of the students there too, though .. both are friendly and sweet hearts ..
... ha ha ha..
there IS something i need to comment, though .. lol .. I MET DANIEL AGAIN !! ARRRGGGHHHHHH !!! THAT OH-SO-CUTE KOREAN GUY !!! *SCREAMS* he's just simply, JUST, JUST SIMPLY ADOREABLE, PEOPLE !! he's darn cute, baby !! eventhough he just wore a simple t-shirt, normal pants and sandals, you guys have no idea how OH-SO-CUTE the hell he is !! for your dearest information, i've first saw him just last year when i went to saturday's morning replacement class .. i was like - wow .. he's just darn CUTE !! such a sweet heart and such a heart-throb-er .. he's like - thick hair, cute tiny 'lil eyes, smooth skin ... ... ... i certainly have no more comments 'cause, he's just so charming !! *faints*
~*aly loves DANIEL*~

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