Saturday, August 1, 2009


1st August 2009 wow, today's the band farewell .. i must say that this farewell is so fun .. played water balloon and then passed water all over .. in the end, i ended up NOT wearing my sandals .. so, i washed my feet before wearing them .. suddenly, one junior was asking me to fill up some water into a pail .. what exactly happen just after 5 seconds was that she poured every thing on ME !! i was darn wet from top to toe .. aikzz .. THANK YOU, FIONA LEONG ... (NOT) .. it was a good thing that my handphone didn't get wet or else she has to pay .. lol .. still, i enjoyed the whole programme .. it was better than i've expected .. best farewell ever ..
i went to ILTI today .. didn't missed anything, much .. well, there IS something that i DID missed, though .. THE GIRLS' GANG INCLUDING MY FRIENDS GOT TO EAT PIZZA !! i was alone then .. was alone with ming han, zheng liang, jeu kai and ming syuen in the class for a while .. then, got a pretest from cambridge .. luckily it's just an essay !! the past years have been objective questions !! i happy about this year's paper .. i'm just hoping for better marks this time .. lol .. well .. that's all from me today .. don't really have the mood today ..

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