Tuesday, July 28, 2009

very confused ~~

28th July 2009 i don't know what's gotten into me these days .. why am i like this ?? i'm facing a GREAT dilemma which i really can't decide on !! i really can't believe this myself .. this is really a very BIG problem i'm facing now .. and i wanna declare what's gonna happen for the next few years when i'm ... ... ... ... ... ... well, i don't wanna mention it, though .. it's too private if i tell this out to the public .. *sigh* when is this dilemma gonna end ?? i seriously wanna know what's gonna happen soon .. as in like - VERY SOON although i've another few years .. i've never felt like this before, though .. i just simply can't control this strange feeling !! it's just simply, SIMPLY STRANGE .. what am i gonna do ?? *sigh* -confused aly-

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