Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm in love with TRIGONOMETRY ..

23rd July 2009 somehow i don't know why i'm love with maths, especially trigonometry .. lol .. it's like - so easy !! it's cery easy to calculate all the tangent, sine and cosine .. it's a good thing that my pythagoras' theorem is very good .. if not, i sure kantoi .. lol .. aikzzz .. i'm now very worried about my studies, though .. it sometimes makes me wonder about my future .. and i don't even know what's my ambition .. 1 euphoist 2 violinist 3 musician 4 casino dealer 5 air stewardess 6 music teacher i just simply DON'T KNOW .. *sigh* well .. it all depends, i guess .. I HATE MY LIFE .. ~*aly*~

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