Sunday, July 26, 2009

MVS night

26th July 2009 ok, next time, i'll never again sleep so darn, freaking late .. just because of the MVS, i can only sleep at 12.45am just THIS MORNING !! aikzz .. still, going to the MVS can really consider worth it .. the 'loch and mountain' was the first song .. eupho solo kantoi-ed .. overall, it was a good show, i'll say .. the part which i really just simply LOVE was the part when they played ABBA's songs .. they played a 'lil of DANCING QUEEN and also not to forget my favourite MAMMA-MIA .. i just simply, simply LOVE that song !! lol .. can't believe that i eventually enjoyed it very much, though .. haha .. there's still nothing more than i can love .. I LOVE THE CUTIE KANGAROOS !! thanks, alot for the CD's too .. nice songs in there .. now, i can play TIME TO SAY GOODBYE edi !! YAY !! that's good news, i guess .. 'cause i'm not familiar with that song .. now, i listen to it again, and again. and again, AND AGAIN !! i'll be more familiar with it from now onwards .. *evil grinzz* ~*aly loves MVS*~

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