Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random post

18th July 2009 well .. not much of a day, though .. ermm .. well, this morning we had a so-called 'project' .. it was fun, i guess .. well .. i don't know how to put this up .. 'cause it was really making my mind very frustrated and also not to forget that it near BLAST .. aikz .. after the whole thing in school, went home and bathed .. after bathing, i had a simple lunch and went to tuition as usual .. today in tuition, it wasn't really that fun. though .. less people attended, so we ended up having a debate .. GIRLS VS. BOYS .. TOPIC : GIRLS MATURES FASTER THAN BOYS. DISCUSS. so, i've to sit on the girls' side 'cause i've been sitting on the boys' side for all these while .. i had alot of stuff to crap with them, but it's not the same without Zheng Liang, though .. i know that this might sound weird, but i really miss him .. miss TALKING & HAVING FUN with him like how we used to .. somehow, i don't know why he doesn't even talk to me .. ever since that girl returned, he ignored me .. it has been 2 weeks since i've last socialized with him .. i really, really miss talking and having fun with him .. ~*aly*~

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