Saturday, July 4, 2009

random post

4th July 2009 hmmm ... i'm not even sure what happened lately .. i've been blur for the whole day already !! well, just thursday was report card's day .. CHEAH kept on elaborating the same damn subject and i was very frustrated .. the time ticked away and it made my mum and i late for SUSHI .. i know that this is very funny, but mummy was satisfied with my results, though it's not really a pretty sight .. after sushi, went to cold storage and bought veges !! heehee .. then i went to the basement to fetch him .. so, after fetching him, went to my house .. suprisingly, he haven't had lunch ... =.=l'l swt ~~ we've already informed him to have lunch first-lahh !! still, mummy cooked him instant noodles while i bathed .. lol .. then, yesterday .. hmmm .. nothing much happened, though .. then, today came .. ... ... ... ... was supposingly to have the singapore sir to come over to our school and i shall forever hate PGS !! because of them, the singapore-ian instructor only had about 20 minutes with us .. uuugggghhhhhhh .. and yet, i got teased by LAM MING HAN, LAM MING SYUEN AND NG ZHENG LIANG !! i have to make sure that i'll never EVER again talk to him .. gosh .. is it wrong to sit beside him, though it was a 'lil close ?? it's not like i wanted to sit so near .. iiisssssshhhhhhhhhh .... YOU'LL PAY, NG ZHENG LIANG !! ~*aly*~

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