Tuesday, August 18, 2009


18th August 2009 well, people .. yesterday night, one of my tuition friends, Kong, wished me too .. i was surprised, though .. lol .. then today, it's my teacher's birthday !! lol .. weird, huh ?? still, i gave her the card i made and she eventually stick-ed it on the wall to let everyone see my horrible drawing .. i swear my drawing is very horrible, but she liked it, though .. i bet she still likes it .. heehee .. ok, second topic, i would like to thank my BFF, melz for being so sweet for all these momentorous & memorable years of 9 .. for all the sweet and rough moments we have had all these years, i hereby that i won't abandon YOU no matter what ever happens .. i miss the old time we have had from our pasts, but hey, it's not the end of the world yet .. we've plenty of time more to hangout, BABE !! THANKS, MELZ !!
-aly loh-

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