Monday, August 17, 2009

officially 15 years old !!

17th August 2009 oh yea, babe .. i'm officially 15 !! YAY !! today's a good day too .. reached schhol this morning and emma was the first one to wish me .. i was so touched 'cause not everyone remembers my birthday .. she bought me a chain which eventually comes in a pair .. i bet you guys can't believe this, but it was a set of bikini !! LOL .. so, there was this bra and the panty .. i've no choice, but to choose the bra .. HAHA .. still, it was sweet of her .. we've been seperated since January up until now and she remembers the date so clearly !! I LOVE YOU, EMMA !! newayz, many people wished me, today .. there was leng yee who got a very suffering squeeze from me .. there was mel who i didn't squeeze that much, but gotten a very big hug from me .. there was also my tuition teacher, by sms .. there was also my junior which i was eventually surprised with .. it's so sweet of her .. i wonder how she remembers my birthday, though .. it's not keen to find a junior who can eventually remember my birthday .. and lastly, there was my beloved brother .. sent me alot of messages .. from my handphone to the computer .. good songs and sweet messages .. i guess it's worth it for him to sleep at 12 to just think and do everything which i seriously find it very meaningful enough .. and i've got to say that my 15th birthday is really very meaningful .. i now hereby that i shall appreciate my friends and foster siblings who remembered my birthday .. thank you for everything and thank you for standing by my side for all these while .. i'll NEVER EVER forget you guys out there no matter what .. I LOVE YOU GUYS !! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!
-15th year old aly-

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