Saturday, August 15, 2009

another day with the boys ..

15th August 2009 my mood today is seriously just simply darn crazy .. lol .. today, school was on and half of the class was absent .. thanks to their absence, the other half of us gets to have FUN !! no studying at all .. besides that, i can sense that i'll PASS everything except sejarah cause i've really failed that paper and also seni .. still, nevermind .. 'people learn from failures : quote by di di'.. that means i'll do better in the future !! lol .. so, after school, went to ILTI .. was eventually informed that there were EXAMS today .. uuugghhhhhhh ... exams the whole week .. it's such a sad case, though .. still, as usual .. i pakat with ming syuen to get the answers AGAIN .. and you guys know what ?? for paper 3, we've done it before, FOR GOD'S SAKE !! ming syuen was like so excited and he was elbowing me non-stop .. so, it was a luxury to most of us .. ming syuen and i were like copying the answers without the teacher noticing .. as for recess, i spent my recess with the guys again .. zheng liang went mad too, today .. he nearly raped ming syuen during recess .. i was like calling him a molester .. HAHA .. then somehow, ming han and i started talking for like the 3rd time .. both of us were like 'debating' and guess what .. ming han has a new name from me .. well, it started like this : he was eventually wearing his 2006 prefectorial t-shirt and i was teasing him about his shirt .. somehow, i don't know how we mentioned about our age difference .. then he started calling me 'XIU MUI MUI', pointing his finger on my direction .. 'YOU'RE YOUNGER THAN ME A BIT ONLY, BUT CALL ME SUK SUK ( UNCLE )" .. it seems that he admits he's old .. so i said," SINCE YOU REALLY WANT ME TO CALL YOU UNCLE, WHY CAN'T I CALL YE YE ( GRANDFATHER ) ??" "no must call me suk suk" "no .. i wanna call you ye ye" "NO .. only suk suk" "ai-yah.. you're memory not good-mahh .. call you ye ye will suit you better" in the end, he really deserves being called GRANDFATHER .. why, eh ?? we passed up our papers and mr. phang was asking him to count the papers .. unfortunetly, when he finished counting, he'd forgotten the number of papers he had counted .. so, TO ALL SAM TET BOYS WHO KNOWS A GUY NAMED LAM MING HAN FROM 5S2, EVERYONE MUST CALL HIM "YE YE" !! THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY !!
-crazy aly-

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