Saturday, September 5, 2009

.:: satuday bluezz ::.

5th September 2009 this saturday is just getting from worse to worst .. for the first time in my life, i've never felt to disappointed before AND IT'S ALL "THANKS" TO MRS LEE !! GAAAHHHHHH ~~ i'll start my story when i reached school today .. we all went to kenyon together to get our practice started .. as we settled down, pui yee told us that there is a bad news .. my heart beated very fast when she said so .. andrea and i shared the same feeling when we heard the news .. BREAKING NEWS : the band has no more instructuor .. reason ?? it's simple .. the school doesn't wanna approve sir's proporsal for payment rise .. and why again ?? this sounds extremely stupid, but the school has no money .. why can't the members pay by themselves ?? another simple answer .. the mushroom head doesn't allow .. and you wanna know why ?? because the answer from her mouth is a NO .. then why can't we have a concert ?? the mushroom doesn't approve due to the pesta ria next year and it's also due to the payment rise thingy or what-so-ever you call it .. after hearing this, my mood flew away .. most of us spent 4 lousy hours doing nothing, but chatting .. we took our intruments at first to warm up and all the suff .. after 1 hour or more, we left our intruments and started discussing nonsense and nuinscince stuff .. our mood was all taken away due to the terrible news.. most of us were complaining and what is left in our hearts is only a piece of a blank paper just like back in the old days how we used to be .. VISSION 66 JUST VANISHED LIKE THAT !! this is just simply STUPID .. after the so-called practice, i went home and bathe and did everything i must .. soon, i left for ILTI classes .. i must say that on this term, i'll be stuck with richard .. zheng liang doesn't seem to be communicating with me anymore .. ming han and ming syuen doesn't seem to have appeared for 2 lesseons .. now, i'm left with richard ho .. the only guy i can stick with now .. he's a friendly fellow .. he can be a 'lil show off, but he's friendly though .. i guess i'm counting on you now, RICHARD .. i need at least 1 friend to talk to in class .. i don't mix with the girls well .. among 10 girls in my class, the only poor fella who doesn't know and doesn't speak in mandarin is me .. sad, eh ?? nevermind .. i still have you, richard .. p/s :without realising, i can play the eupho solo of 'by loch and mountain' at the first attempt .. i blew everything without thinking what's the next note .. i played it so naturally !! the notes were very flexible and i'm so happy about it !!
-aly loh-

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