Monday, September 21, 2009

another day out

21st September 2009 GAH ~~ i came down with flu AGAIN .. this is just so sad .. my nose had been running like horses .. it's a good thing that i'm quite ok now .. newayz, i had a very, very big day yesterday and today .. i'll start with yesterday .. SUNDAY, 20th September 2009 .. i went to jusco with my family .. it was a 'lil boring, though .. dad and i were too fed up of spending time in a tiny-weenie-lil-small shop for at least 1 or 2 hours .. dad and i loitered the whole shopping complex and mum with sis weren't even done with the shop .. we ended up looking for some watches in a shop ended up to be ... ... ... *recalling* ... ... ... i've no idea .. GAH ~~ still, i've got a book to indulge with .. my sis wanted to get a novel, but when she saw that there'll be 50% off if we get another book .. so, she bought one for me .. LOL .. i hope the story is good to be read .. i eventually wanted to buy the other book which more like a ROMANCE STORY .. nevermind, i guess .. i can buy that book myself, maybe .. when i can save enough $$ .. LOL .. at night, we went over to a seafood restaurant nearby lost world of tambun .. i was being told to wear a dress and high-heeled shoes ... ... ... ... this is another swt case, ppl !! it's like - C'MON-LAHH !! i'm not used to wearing dresses anymore !! *sigh* so sad .. then .. TODAY, MONDAY i found out that i have been lacking of S-L-E-E-P, SLEEP !! my eyes are gonna be panda eyes very soon .. yet, today we went to parade and i saw this oh-so-adoreable LAPTOP .. GAH ~~ it's like so cute, ppl !! it's all in pink .. mind you, i've been hating pink since i was 8 .. LOL .. i can't believe i've fallen for this cute pink laptop .. it's a sony laptop .. SONY VAIO wei, ppl !! i wanna get my hands on that laptop .. still, the price is a 'lil expenxive .. it's RM3999, PPL !! i guess i'll have to wait for it then .. I WANT SONY VAIO LAPTOP !!
-aly loh-

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