Saturday, September 26, 2009

random post

26th Spetember 2009 another saturday with the usual class .. hmmm .. i changed my seat today from the right side, front to the left side, back .. i have been with zheng liang the whole day and yet, i feel so guilty .. i left richard alone today .. I'M SO SORRY, RICHARD !! I SWEAR I'LL SEAT WITH YOU NEXT CLASS !! so, today was quite a day in class .. we had a group discussion and i was supposingly to be in the same group with richard .. sadly, jason volunteered 1 second earlier than me .. so, i was stuck with zheng liang the whole day including that "so-called-disscussion" .. GAH ~~ i feel like killing him !! how dare he pulls my hair ~~ !! NG ZHENG LIANG, YOU'RE GONNA GET MY PRANK ON NEXT CLASS !! it's like - for no reasons when he pulled my hair ... ... ... wait ... ... ... he pulled my hair is because i snatched his book .. =.= l'l ... it still serves him right .. who the hell asked him to make fun of me in the first place ?!! still, today is nothing,but pain in the butt ..
-aly loh-

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