Sunday, September 6, 2009

life's full of surprises

6th September 2009 today's nothing special, i guess .. well, i went to jusco and i eventually bumped into someone who thought i was supposingly to be at home, studying, of course .. i, on the other hand, thought the same thing when i saw him .. i was like - what am i doing here again ?? LOL .. well, i went there is because of my mum .. she was getting some veges while i bought some revision books for the coming exams .. when we finished vege time, dad went upstairs with the veges to put them in the car .. so, mum and i went window shopping then .. i was then seperated with mum for a while and i walked alone .. while walking to check out some stuff, there was he, xiao di di .. i was surprised when our eyes met .. as for him, he came is because of his dear phone .. speaker got spoiled .. i never thought that i'll meet anyone today, though .. such a coincedence .. i thought that it'll be another boring day in a boring shopping centre with another boring routine .. what happened next was that ... ... ... THIS WORLD IS JUST TOO SMALL !! while sms-ing with him, i was suddenly being told very directly that he was one of my former teacher's son !! i got a very big shock .. now feeling so 'segan' ady .. he's my former english teacher's son !! WHAT A SMALL WORLD !! furthermore, i've regretted wearing high-heeled shoes and skirt .. i'm not used to wearing skirts anymore .. even if i were to wear my pinafore school uniform, you can see very clearly that i'll be wearing shorts inside .. the shoes nearly killed me today .. both of my small toes are still in pain up until now .. at least that my heels are protected by a plaster , but i've gotta day that high-heeled shoes KILLS !! my toes hurts .. awwwww ~~~
-aly loh-

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