Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my extreme L-O-N-G post

13th September 2009 ALRIGHT, PEOPLE !! IT'S TIME FOR BUSINESS, BABE !! GET ME SOME SNACKS, SOME NINTENDO DS's, SOME DVD's, SOME MANGA's, SOME TV's, SOME NOVELS and last but not least, MY FRIENDS !! PMR IS OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,BABE !! WOOHOO ~~ *screams out for joy* omg, i'm like - so happy now .. FREEDOM, BABE, F-R-E-E-D-O-M !! you've heard me, people !! FREEDOM !! no more digging my head into so many books anymore !! no more naggings, no more frustration, NO MORE SCOLDINGS !! i'm so FREE !! i can feel it, babe !! alright, i'll update about what ever happened in school since last wednesday .. 7th Spetember woke up as usual at 6am in the morning and i arrived school at around 6.45 .. i was the earliest among my friends so i did my last minute studies for BAHASA .. as usual, when my friends arrived, we went to the canteen for breakfast .. after breakfast, we went back to the area nearby the examination hall and did our last minutes studies together .. on the first day or pmr, i was really, REALLY nervous .. somehow, one funny thing came into my mind .. we wore masks, took temperarure and used sanitizers !! it's like there's really a spread of H1N1, though .. haha .. so, after all these stuff, we went into the examination hall .. the pengawas checked everyting on us .. we're not even allowed to bring in our purses and wallets in .. so strict, man .. LOL .. soon, we started our 1st paper and then continued with the 2nd paper of BAHASA .. and the day ended like that .. 8th September woah ~ the day was really L-O-N-G, ppl !! 4 papers for this day and we stayed back till 4pm, babe !! i did my usual stuff in the morning with my friends .. again there were the masks, temperature and sanitizers .. in the hall again, they checked us thoroughly .. our day started with ENGLISH paper 1, then paper 2 and then continously flow with SCIENCE paper 1 .. we had our REAL recess around in the afternoon .. SCIENCE paper 2 was coming soon and again i did my last minute studies with my group .. soon, paper 2 was launched and went home at 4pm .. 9th September it was a day of so-called freedom, i guess .. only one paper which was GEOGRAPHY .. i nearly slept while doing that paper .. i eventually finished the paper within 45 minutes .. and the day ended at 9.30 .. -saturday& sunday came- 12th September another L-O-N-G day .. went back at aroung 3.30pm .. again with masks, temperature and SANITIZERS !! boring routine in the morning, though .. this day, the papers were quite ok .. we started our day with MATHS paper 1 and continuosly with paper 2 .. then we had 1 hour and 30 minutes of break .. spent the time in the canteen, toilet and group discussion .. after the long break, finally our last paper of the day was soon launched .. HISTORY !! and soon went back with a very tired expression of mentality and physicallity .. 13th September today was the BEST day of my life !! only 1 paper which is KEMAHIRAN HIDUP .. again i only used 30 minutes to finish 60 questions and i used the 1 hour to just seriously S-L-E-E-P !! i know that SOMEONE out there is seriously thinking in HIS mind, telling to HIMSELF .. "ai hoy.. really a GUINEA PIG-lahh" .. you know who you are... LOL .. .. AND NOW, i'm here, blogging .. typing out everything i experienced the whole 5 days .. OMG, look at the TIME !! it's 9.30 and it's so past my bedtime .. well, gotta sleep, ppl !! nights !!
-aly loh-

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