Wednesday, October 14, 2009

random post of the week

14th September 2009 okay, nothing much happened in school .. we were kinda forced to join the activities organised by the school and that reminds me of what song should i play ??!!! GAH ~~ so much for joining such activities, though .. it was an order from the teachers and i have been forced to join like - 3 events which partly needs my talent - playing the violin .. well, it's actually 2 events, though .. the other 1 is about the choral speaking .. as for the other 2, i don't wanna talk about it .. i feel extremely shy about this .. after school, mum and i went for SUSHI !! and guess what ? while i was on the queue with mum, there were eventually a bunch of sam tet guys over the left side .. i was looking at them as one of them really caught my attention - his height .. besides that, it's obvious that they were form 3 students as they dismisses earlier than the form 4's and form 5's .. then, one short and chubby guy caught my attention as he was walking towards that gang of boys .. somehow, i managed to recogize that chubby guy .. i was caught whispering the name of the guy to myself by mum .. then i told her that i know that chubby guy.. i kept starring at him until he noticed me .. i was a 'lil shy, somehow .. he held one of his hand up, giving a sign of hello like how most guys do and i did the same thing to him and gave a slight smiled .. IT'S BEEN A WHILE, MING SUEN .. yea, you guys guessed it .. it's ming suen whom i saw today .. after seeing him, somehow i felt like i've missed him .. ... ... ... alot .. really, i mean it .. i didn't get to talk to him as he was with his friends, but i know that i was the centre of the attention for a while when our eyes met .. wanna know why ?? all of his friends were looking at me .. i nearly blushed .. i wonder why ?? this is confusing me .. maybe it's because it's been a while since i've last met him .. it's been almost 2 months, people and for almost 2 months i've been sticking wih richard and zheng liang ever since he and his brother left .. still, i've gotta admit this, though .. he looks better with long fringe XD HAHA .. i can't help it, people !! he's just so cute as usual, it's still a bad thing that he hasn't grow any taller, but somehow it's a good thing .. if it wasn't because of his height, i wouldn't keep starring at him and let our eyes met like that .. XD LOL .. I MISS YOU, MING SUEN !! possible, please do come back to ILTI .. without you, there has been less C-R-A-P-S between richard and i .. when you were there, i had a friend to talk to .. now i'm stuck with a friendly nerd who cares alot for me ..
lotza love,
-aly loh-

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