Saturday, October 17, 2009


how to use the human whose name is written in this note shall die. the human whose name is written in this note will die in 40 seconds if the cause of death is not stated,with a heart attack however, if the cause of death - the action and the time is stated, they'll constantly die within 6 minutes and 40 seconds the human owner of the death note is able to make a deal with the shimigami (deah god) who used to own the note. The human owner is able to have the shimigami's eyes which enables them to see the names of other people and their lifespans above their heads. In order to have the shimigami's eyes, the owner, however, must trade half of their priceless remianing lifepans. the human whose name is mis-spelt or sharing the same name, the death note will NOT take any effect. mind me, but i just SERIOUSLY LOVE death note ..i eventually combined most of the rules of the note, though .. i can't remember much as there are quite many rules .. i've been acting like a freak lately .. i've been watching death note manga series for 2 days in a row with 37 episodes !! freaky, eh ?? LOL .. i just simply can't resist this .. it's full of mysteries .. however, i don't like the part when Near came into the picture .. well, at least Near resembles a 'lil of L, but why must Light die ??!! okay, we all know that Light is Kira and he did all the killing with the criminals and stuff ... ... ... ... i guess i've nothing to say, though .. in any situation, Light has to die for committing crimes like that, i guess .. BUT Light was just trying to make a better world .. .. and i don't get WHY must L die too .. i prefer L than Near .. L's cool, people .. best of the best detectives, although Near is somehow a better detective AND creppier .. 17th September 2009 i've been spending my so-called precious holidays at home, watching death note and practising my violin .. i'm somehow improving my violin skills nowadays like what my mum said this morning .. ever since i was 8, i barely keep my violin cleaned .. at the age of 15 now, i'm eventually polishing my violin like how i do to my baby eupho .. i wonder why, though .. have i grown the feeling of love towards the violin ?? if it is, i'm surprised .. i've never liked or loved string family instruments .. ever since i've joined the band, i was directly in love with brass instruments .. i take good care of my baby eupho every now and then .. now i ended up doing the same thing to my violin .. this is just great .. i'm in love with strings already - partly .. WHO KNOWS, THOUGH ..
-aly loh-

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