Monday, November 2, 2009


2nd November 2009 help me, ppl .. i seriously need an SOS like - NOW !! i got a bad sore throat this morning .. it must have been from the food i ate yesterday .. it's impossible if it was from breakfast .. it must have either came from lunch or dinner .. speaking of eating, someone still remembers what i ate yesterday just because of the reason he's still keeping the receipt ...=.= swt .. the second thing that i'd ask for an SOS is that i can't play my eupho that good anymore ~~ !! this is seriously so sad .. i can't feel THAT feeling anymore when i played it on saturday's meeting .. it's been 3 months, though .. *sigh* ...and now i've nothing to update .. hmmm .. more on yesterday's activities ?? alright .. so, where should i start ?? from morning again ?? GAH .. i was defeated by that CHESS MANIAC so many times .. barely won 1 round .. have been loitering around the whole complex with nothing to do .. somehow .. this makes me think of the VANILLA ICE-CREAM !! ... ... ... ... ... forget about it .. he eats faster than me and yet, we're gonna go out for another round just to find a GUINEA PIG .. i pity my piggie ~~ he can't find any guinea pigs (obviously, he can't find ME) .. LOL ..
-aly loh-