Sunday, November 8, 2009

#weekend updates of the week#

8th November 2009 yesterday was my last day in ILTI .. we all made alot of noise in the class .. i was making noise with richard and hong kit .. the ladies' club made 10 times more noise than us .. nothing much happened, though .. we ended our day with our REPORT CARDS .. for god's sake .. i really, REALLY in the NEED to polish up my comprehension .. *sigh* such a sad case .. the end about saturday.. ..and sunday (today) came .. the most swt-ing day of my life .. well, can consider as so .. wanna know why ?? BECAUSE .. Anderson's Interact Club had this installaton and farewell day .. basically, of course there will be Andersonians .. so, there was an ACS boy .. there were Main Convent girls and not to forget Tarcisian Convent girls .. lastly, this is the most sadistic case ever .. of all people in this world, only 1 MGS-ian .. yes, that's OBVIOUSLY me .. as the programme was starting, the MC eventually read out the other school's name .. when he called out my school's name, i didn't dare to put up my hand .. the FELLA beside me eventually pulled out my arm and then raised it high .. i felt my cheeks hot .. why ?? because i was the 1 and ONLY MGS-ian .. =.=zZZ .. so, the day actually started out fine .. i got a surprise when i saw Jason there .. i didn't know he is an Interactor .. LOL .. i took alot of pictures with my piggie's camcorder .. most of the pictures are mostly his picture .. HAHA .. how evil of me .. however, i let him snap back some pics of me .. after all the speechess, we got ourselves some FOOD .. after all the eating business, there were some so-called games .. the MC was being so cruel .. he requested for every school's representatives to go out there and perform whatever they request .. i thought he might have forgotten that no MGS-ians were there .. then this guy, kee shaun(if i've not mistaken his name) was shouting "MGS !! MGS!!" .. and i was like shhhhhh-ing him .. then there was a short silence .. i wasn't looking at the MC .. i was facing kee shaun and hiding myself behind my piggie .. finally the MC said something.. MC : ah, the girl sitting beside CHEOK .. *half of the crowd cheered* ... you're from MGS, right ?? ME : *nods my head helplessly and blur-ing myself and gave a slight smile* * and not to forget that my cheeks turned hot* MC : ah, wanna come out arr ?? c'mon-lahh .. *and i don't know what else he crapped* i had no choice but to go out .. nothing much to answer them nor perform .. i eventually stood there like a dunggu instead .. and the FELLA who sits beside me took photos of me (or could have been recording).. after all the gaming stuff, we were all entertained by the members again .. i was ended up feeling quite sleepy .. i was already sleepy when they were talking all the speechess and what-so-ever stuff .. then i listen to some songs from my piggie's phone .. good thing that he brought his ear phone .. and THIS kee shaun took pics of me with my piggie .. and there was another guy, who's called as boon to everyone(if not mistaken) and known as jas oh's friend to me, snapping our photos .. after all the crapping stuff, our day ended at around 5.30pm and sayonara and byebye .. LOL ..
-aly loh-

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