Tuesday, February 9, 2010

when i'm hyperactive

9th February 2010 after these few weeks, i can jump to one conclusion .. being a form 4 student isn't really that bad after all .. i can get used to the surroundings and other stuff and because of this, i'm now currently hyperactive.. well, i'm already hyperactive since sunday.. i've been laughing too much lately .. many people think i'm worse than having overdosed medicine XD .. who cares ?? i can finally balance up my time ~~!! just yesterday, someone purposely made me burst out laughing in tuition .. since sunday up till today, i've never stopped smiling and bursting out laughing for no reasons .. ...and up till today, there's this mini dialogue stuck in my head hi, specky HAHAHA.LOL.HAHAHA i love this dialogue, seriously
-aly loh-

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