Sunday, April 11, 2010

when pesta ria came

11th April 2010 yesterday, 10th of April was MGS's fun fair day .. also known as the day i GOT SO DAMN, FREAKING SICK .. woke up early in the morning at around 5.30 and reached school at 6.30 .. i got very busy with the uniform stuff and instrument stuff AND a quest to FIND THE TEACHER IN CHARGE .. it took me almost 1 or 2 hours to finally find the teacher .. in the end, i ended up OT-ed my job for a while .. while i was on my duty, i LELONG-ED like a MAK CIK .. however, 4sc4 had a good business .. at first we had difficulties to socialize with the uncles and aunties ; outsiders, i would say .. slowly, we got used to it except for the fact that I WAS NOT SATISFY WITH THAT GROUP OF PATHETIC BOYS .. they made fun of ME =.= sshhheeesssshhhh .. some guys really don't know how to treat a lady .. at least that mood only lasted for a moment .. after that, melz came and hung out .. fun part was when i get to force some humans to come to my stall and buy the stuff XD .. after all the blablabla stuff, i left at 1 and went for class .. being a CPE student has never been my cup of tea .. i regret entering CPE this .. i should have entered H.CAE this year as i still can get the chance to enter CPE next year .. what i really regret on the 10th of April is that i went to class with a high temperature .. yes, i had fever .. the worst fever ever .. i was stubborn 'cause i refused to call my mum to fetch me home .. i didn't want to miss any lessons, but in the end, i ended up sleeping in the class soundly .. at least throwing up some stuff cooled me down(??) i had the pressure at my throat .. i just rushed to the ladies XD .. after all the stuff, i was damn weak, damn dizzy and DAMN NON-SPIRITED.. reached home after class and took my temperature .. i was shocked as the temperature was 39.1 degrees .. i straight away sleep and sleep AND SLEEP .. ... ... ... ... ... then, today, 11th April, came .. i was somwhow awoken at 7.30 .. after that, i couldn't sleep .. i rolled all over my bed XD .. pathetic, i know .. LOL .. so, i went out today as my parents wanted to do shopping .. hung out with a friend and got teased by some humans .. i'm now known as an AUNTY =.= so sad, man ..

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