Thursday, March 18, 2010

thank you

Cheok Huei Chun March 19 at 12:56pm : there is the million of reasons why you smile, but there is no solid reason why you can't smile ...i'm telling you this, even life is horrible, hard or strong...face it ...once again LIFE IS NOT MEANINGFUL WITHOUT CHALLENGE ..WE LIVE IN THIS WORLD IS FOR HAPPINESS, NOT SADNESS ...i know is hard for you..but try it .....i know you can do it ....i can count on you .....YOU CAN DO IT .....and i'll be here for you no matter wat thing happens ...and i'll try my best to cheer you up ....CHEER UP, MY DEAR...i want to see the ALY in hyperactive mode who always laugh by my funny stuffs ...who always have a sweet smile ....and ur innocent face have become one of my important person in my life .. BE BACK IN ACTION SOON =) ...................... [i have a hundread and one reasons why i wanna post this up .. yes, i copied and pasted this.. one of the reasons is that i wanna make myself realise this, although i'm seriously hurt by THAT SOMEONE .. i'd like to say THANK YOU .. i'm sorry for not smiling when you requsted me to .. i'm sorry that i didn't laugh when you put on that show for me .. however, i want you to know that i really apprieciate this .. no one has ever tried cheering me up and supporting me like this before .. no one has ever been there for me whenever i needed someone .. i'm truly grateful .. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING]

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