Sunday, March 14, 2010


alright, it seems that my blog is 'corrupted' ... guess i have to change a 'lil of my style to blog now .. i've to write everything in a paragraph .. ish .. BENCI BETUL .. still, nevermind .. i still get to blog, though .. HAHA .. newayz, finally i get to be in contact with MR LAM MING HAN .. missed him alot .. it seems that he's just came back from NS .. it's been almost a year since i've last met him .. LOL .. we chat alot last night and i eventually saved that conversation XD .. it's eventually my first time talking to him like a friend .. after chatting with him last night, i've never realised that i would ended up being a friend of his .. cause all the while, i thought i was his enemy XD .. i mean this seriously .. last year on every saturday, never a day we would keep our mouth shut, teasing each other like kindergaten kids .. yesterday, 14th of march, i shall mark down this date as a day i really socialise with him XD .. i know this sounds extremely stupid, but who cares ?? LOL ..

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