Friday, March 5, 2010

survivor's day

5th March 2010 woot~~ for the first time in my whole 16 years .. i went out from school right after dismissal .. it was just yesterday, though .. hey, i HAVE a reasonable reason for going out of school .. some juniors and i went over to econsave to buy black shoes for the f1's .. most of us thought it would be a short way, but i turned out to be that we've been complaining like aunties .. we've been marching under the hot sun for i don't know how many hours and we're doing this for them .. ish .. it seems that they're geting spoilt already .. back when i was a f1 member, we weren't that spoilt .. in fact, we would just simply get screwings and alot of noises from the seniors .. as i've said, nowadays, the juniors are getting more spoilt .. interesting about yesterday was that we were on a so-called survivors' task ; CROSSING THE ROAD =.= i know this is lame, but it's seriously a BIG TASK .. LOL .. at least we reached back school at one piece .. HAHA .. ..and of all days, why did that physics teacher screw me today ?? this is seriously not my day at all .. she purposely sent the monitor to call my friend and i back to the lab to do the PEKA .. at first i thought of giving excuses and i tried .. in the end, we ended up being screwed .. we decided to do the report and skip practices for a while .. in the end, we got shoo-ed out from her DAMN class due to reason she complained that we didn't prepare anything .. i was like - excuse me ?? we have NOT been in class since monday due to the reason we have band practices .. SPORTS DAY IS TOMMORROW, PEOPLE !! she's worst than any grandmothers and aunties that i know .. why ?? her nagging is the worst of the worst .. what's worst is that tommorrow's already sports day .. GAH .. FORMATION ARR, PEOPLE !! CAN DIE LAHH !! ish .. get ready to be super tanned, aly loh .. there's goona be a very long speech and there's formation .. chill, aly .. you'll get fairer after JPN ....... maybe .. I'M GONNA PRAY HARD CAUSE I SERIOUSLY DON'T WANT JPN THIS YEAR .. GAHHHHHHH ~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! -aly loh-

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