Friday, August 6, 2010

oh-my-FREAKING-God =.=

it's already the 6th of august, humans and i didn't realise how fast time passes.. i know, i know.. i haven't been updating my updates as often as before.. the last update was on 25th of April... ............WOAH~ it's more than 3 months, humans.. guess it's a new record to break.. so, since i'm now revived from being "gone" from my blog for so long, i'll might just drop a few events here c: FIRSTLY, the most important thing of my life after so long.. i love him to the max < 3 ~!! i guess we were meant to be known as one.. you guys can blame me.. he's my DRUG and i mean it.. my oh-so-sweet MAN.. critise me if you want, i don't mind because I LOVE HIM XD SECOND on the list is that i'm getting very used to being an upper FORM 4 student science student.. i can get the concept and stuff.. it's all on self-diciplining and responsibilities and i know i'm talking like an adult HERE.. NEXT, the most shocking news of all, people and i mean it very seriously.. it seems that i'll be leading the band from 2010 till 2011.. yup, you've guessed it, folks .. the BAND LEADER of the 2010/2011 board.. shocking, right ?? sigh .. what to do ?? kind of a hectic post to hold.. still, what has to be done, has to be done.. NEWAYZ, i've been given some new names lately by ...... hmmm .. i haven't think of a name for this guy yet.. ah~ nevermind .. i'll remain the name 'cute hamster' for him =p LOL~ so, the 'cute hamster' is naming me ...... let me see ... specky, auntie nasi lemak and last in the list is MOSQUITO =.=lll GAWD~~ i'd prefer him calling me ALY THE SPECKY =.=ll it's ridiculous, i know.. still, who cares ?? i still prefer to be known as a guinea pig XD well, i guess this is all for now.. from now onwards, i'm gonna revive back my bloggie =p T-T-F-N, tata for now, humans ~

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