Saturday, August 14, 2010

life still goes on when you are dying to know something

hello, hello, people !! i'm back ~ alright, then.. today's the 15th of August 2010.. well, it's quite early in the morning ( or i supposed, not cause it's already 10.48am now ).. nothing special happened.. i'm still waiting for the 17th to come.. GAH ~~!!! it's so hard surviving in curiousity.. WHY ?? it's because i wanna know what the freaking heck is the THE BOX =.=ll lame, i know.. i'm still waiting for tuesday and today is ONLY SUNDAY =.= how many more freaking hours do i have to wait, man .. couldn't imagine, anyway.. haizz .. guess that's all i can say, people.. sunday is not and NOT my favourite day.. i was supposed to go out today to have some fun, but since so many humans couldn't free themselves for me, i guess i'm A-L-O-N-E ALONE ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nevermind, forget it.. who cares XD i've got house chores, instead .. anyway, ciaos ~!!

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